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Our mission is to provide inclusive, trusted acess
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Our Story

2016 - The Journey Starts

I always knew I wanted to be a Father. But once I was ready to really dive in and pursue this dream, it took several weeks (literally countless hours) of research just to somewhat start to figure out my surrogacy process, find an agency and build a roadmap. I discovered a complete lack of transparency around pricing and there was no way of comparing providers ‘apples to apples’ to choose my best fit. Of course, eventually I did get started… and despite all of my research and planning - there were still some surprises along the way. But we made it there…

11 June 2018 - Ariel’s Birth

The hard work paid off - our amazing Ariel was born and I officially became the happiest new father ever.

February 2019 - The Social Entrepreneurial Spirit

After my experience, I knew there had to be a better way for intended parents to start their journey. I thought long and hard about it and eventually took the leap of faith, left my 20-year career in technology, and created that better, easier, more transparent way. I was on a mission to save other intended parents like myself hours and hours … and hours of time and research while helping them make much more informed decisions about their fertility providers than was ever possible prior.

March 2020 - The GoStork Launch

And that’s how GoStork, aka ‘my other baby’, was born. We are the only online platform that allows you to find top fertility providers across the US (including the largest online database of egg donors), compare your options side-by-side for all important criteria, and connect directly - even book appointments - with fertility providers. All in one easy-to-use platform. All 100% free to use. We launched with our egg donor platform in March 2020, followed by surrogacy agencies in June and are thrilled to be launching IVF clinics soon!

Revolutionizing the Process

GoStork’s unique offering is unprecedented in the transparency it brings to the fertility industry and the power it gives intended parents to make more informed decisions. To say I’m excited to be on this journey with you is an understatement. I hope you’ll love GoStork as much as the team and I do and I hope you’ll find GoStork helpful as you start your journey towards parenthood.

Meet our team

With more than 20 years of experience, Eran Amir has worked as both a software development and product management executive at BNY Mellon, qbeats Inc., Akkadian Labs, Truveris, and Amdocs in Israel and the Greater New York Area. The development of GoStork combines his professional skill set with a personal mission. After undergoing a long, difficult, and costly process to expand his family via surrogacy and egg donation, Eran vowed to help other intended parents avoid the complexity and confusion he experienced. His passion led to the creation of GoStork, which proudly names Eran’s almost three-year-old daughter Ariel as its co-founder.
Ariel co-founded GoStork with her dad Eran. She’s three years old, with plenty of experience in being cute, inspiring her father, and enjoying trampoline parks. She’s currently learning how to snowboard in the winter, how to swim in the summer and going to daycare all while helping Eran build great things to support other beautiful families like theirs.
A strategic thinker and visionary, Kostya’s technological expertise is based on 25 years of experience in software development and startups. He was the research and development chief of several software companies that were bought by banks, including BNY Mellon, and now heads EventSoft, an IT outsourcing company. Kostya’s focus is on developing innovative and efficient tech solutions for various business purposes and for a streamlined user experience.
Rebecca has over 18 years of experience as a marketing executive and an extensive background in tech, including successful start-ups Paintzen, acquired by PPG industries, and Integral Ad Science, acquired by Vista Equity Partners. Passionate about representing dynamic brands, she has also held pivotal marketing roles at leading global publishers Condé Nast and Skift. After graduating from Williams College, Rebecca began her career in Marketing at Digitas on the American Express Account. Most importantly, as a mom of two kids under five, Rebecca is honored to be a part of GoStork’s drive to help so many intended parents make such important decisions in their family building journey.
Kristin Shadick has two decades of experience in the Fertility industry. She is a commercial executive & advisor to early-staged FemTech and Women's Healthcare companies. Mission driven, she shepherds best-in-class products/technologies to market, giving fertility consumers better outcomes and options for their journey.
Economist, computer scientist, and serial entrepreneur, Antonio Neto started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 14 with a chocolate company which he later sold. This was followed by an IT venture specialized in the financial market as well as an asset management company in Brazil. Following his move to New York in 2017, Antonio joined the nonprofit Start Out as a mentor within the LGBTQ+ entrepreneurial community and furthered his studies at Columbia University, New York University and Wharton School. In 2019, Antonio launched his own fintech company which was bought by an investor mid-project. His passion for technology and entrepreneurship led him to GoStork, first connecting with Eran through Start Out, and then joining as CFO.

Meet our team

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We’re thrilled to have helped these amazing intended parents on their journey!

Gary S

I wish we had found GoStork at the start of our search process for egg donors, surrogacy agencies and IVC clinics. We spent months of manually searching and vetting clinics and agencies on our own. All of the information we wanted to start our journey was already compiled in GoStork, which could have saved us so much time. Also so many agencies or clinics charged us hundreds of dollars each to introductory calls, and those would’ve been completely avoided with GoStork. I definitely recommend that Intended Parents at the start of their journey use GoStork.

Gary S

Naomi G

I think this is a wonderful platform, the best I have encountered so far, It has made my journey easier, softer and incredibly efficient. I would recommend it warmly to all parents embarking on this special journey.

Naomi G

Shamsa H

This is the best platform I’ve ever used - I love the comparison tool!

Shamsa H


I’d spent literally 60-80 hours searching for donor of my race. When I found GoStork in the middle of researching all night, I bolted up wide awake - I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were so many more options in one place than I found anywhere else.


Sara G

Before GoStork I had to maintain and manage 10+ intended parent accounts at various donor agencies to search for right donor. GoStork has made my searching and communicating with agencies so much easier with just one account to maintain. It’s brilliant!

Sara G

Meg S

I can’t thank you enough for your services as we never would have known about our egg donor had you not offered a website that shows donors from so many different agencies. You guys have an amazing thing going and are helping so many people connect with donors! Keep up the great work. I was also very impressed that when I emailed your “[email protected]” account, I heard back from your CEO directly.

Meg S

Sam D

GoStork is a exceptional platform for intended parents in 2020 and beyond. We really loved how the portal brings ease to finding resources to a process that is very complex. Founder Eran was extremely helpful and is a genuinely kind person helping with all questions concerning the egg and surrogate agencies on the portal. Thank you GoStork !

Sam D

Daniel B

You guys are great! GoStork was the easiest site to use, really consumer friendly, and simple to navigate to find surrogacy agencies that were a good fit. I also found a lot of great egg donors on your platform - it was everything I needed in one place.

Daniel B

Our Vision

We envision a world where anyone with a dream to start a family has access to an inclusive, trusted, transparent resource that supports their path to parenthood.

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