GoStork Interview Series: Sharing Her Beautiful Blunder: An IVF Journey with Erin Bulcao @mybeautifulblunder

Rebecca Hochreiter
CMO of GoStork

We loved hosting the amazing Erin Bulcao, infertility advocate, mom, and founder of the supportive blog as well as honest and inspiring Instagram community My Beautiful Blunder. Erin was a perfect guest, especially on National Infertility Awareness Week!

Erin’s ten-year journey to becoming a mom of three was complicated, exhausting and emotionally draining. It included a very painful decision, loss, IVF clinic switches (as well as changing doctors within clinics), and – as many couples dealing with infertility can attest to – relationship strains. She’s now sharing her journey in an incredibly transparent way, encouraging and informing others on a similar path. During our very open and informative Instagram Live, Erin generously shared her story and advice on navigating the journey. Here is some of her helpful advice:

Check out our conversation for more helpful advice from Erin!

“Everybody’s journey is different and know that everything you’re doing is all to get you to that place. Know that you’re doing everything you can. You personally wont be messing anything up.” 

Erin Bulcao, My Beautiful Blunder

Thank you for sharing your story with us Erin; we love how you’re giving your all to supporting the infertility community!

Follow Erin on Instagram at @mybeautifulblunder and check out her blog www.mybeautifulblunder.com for her story and helpful tips on navigating and dealing with infertility.