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Who We Are

Eran Amir

Eran brings 20 years of professional experience in technology and management. More than that, Eran brings his own knowledge and passion from building his own family through surrogacy.
His determination to make a change, disrupt the industry and make this process affordable to everyone is what will push this company forward to success.

Ariel Amir

I co-founded GoStork with my dad. I have one year of cuteness experience and six months of walking experience. Now, I’m helping him build great things to help other families just like us!

Our Story

When I started building my family, I decided I want to use surrogacy. It was a time-consuming process, a complicated one and a financial burden as well. But she was worth it.

The first problem I encountered was finding the information I needed. I knew nothing about the process and had no friends who had gone through it. My only option was to start doing my own research. But I didn't know where to start or what to look for.

When I read about this industry and the process, I was faced with many technical terms. When my only option was Google, the results of my research were overwhelming.

First, I learned that there would be four main parties involved in my journey:‚Äč

  1. Intended Parents

  2. IVF clinic where the magic happens

  3. Carrier (surrogate mother)

  4. Egg Donor

Second, I learned that in order to get an egg donor I needed to find a donor agency/concierge.
Further,  I needed to find a surrogacy agency to not only find a carrier but also to manage the whole surrogacy process for me. Again, looking for these agencies was not an easy process, there is so much information out there but it is scattered everywhere. Each agency and clinic has different information, different description of the process, different packages and pricing.

How do you choose an IVF clinic? How do you choose a surrogacy agency? How do you choose an egg donor agency?

It's hard to choose when there isn't one place that offers all the information and allows you to do an apples-to-apples comparison. A place that breaks down the entire process for you and shows you each price associated with each step.
That is why I founded GoStork, an all-in-one online platform that allows intended parents to find the information they need, to compare it, and to make a smart and informed decision about their future.

The end of this journey was pure joy for me. I want to make the steps along the way easier for people like you.

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