Factors you have to consider when selecting an egg donor

Eran Amir
CEO and Founder of GoStork

Choosing your specific egg donor is one of the most personal and important decisions you’ll make. When reviewing profiles, you are presented with a large amount of information, but in this case, the more information the better! In this article we’ll list the criteria to consider as you go through your options.

Egg donor profiles

If you’re considering egg donation, chances are you’re also looking into egg donation agencies. Needless to say, choosing which agency to work with is a big decision in itself and many intended parents go to multiple agencies before they find their perfect donor.  

To make this process easier, GoStork offers the largest, free online database of over 10,000 egg donors from various egg donor agencies all in one place. You can then filter donors by your preferences, compare your options side-by-side, and directly connect with the agency of those you’re interested in. This means there’s no need to register at multiple agencies (some of which you even need to pay for) just to view limited numbers of egg donors at each. 

Egg donor profiles include the donor’s physical attributes, education level/achievements (such as grades and scores), medical history, as well as family history, among other elements such as ethnicity and religion. It’s admittedly a lot of information to go through –  to get started, you’ll want to decide what characteristics matter to you personally. Once you’re set on the specifics, here’s a list of criteria you’ll have to consider:

Factors to consider when selecting an egg donor

It’s a lot  to digest and compare, but the bottom line is that whatever final decision you make is highly personal. The right option is whatever is right for you and your needs and GoStork is here to support you along the way!