What is GoStork?

GoStork is the only centralized online platform that brings together top fertility providers across the US – all on one platform in one uniform structure – helping intended parents make more informed decisions in their choice of providers.

The platform structures an otherwise scattered industry by leveraging proprietary technology paired with thorough human vetting to help intended parents find, compare, and connect with egg donors, surrogacy agencies, and IVF clinics. Our mission is to bring transparency to the fertility industry, saving intended parents time and effort. We offer intended parents all the information they need in an organized structure that’s easy to follow – empowering them to make the best, most informed decisions for themselves.

How does a fertility provider benefit from joining GoStork?

The below outlines how we improve transparency and accessibility in the fertility industry, and help providers reach new clients:

  • We feature top fertility providers across the US in one centralized, easy-to-access location for thousands of intended parents.
  • We enable advanced filtering by intended parents’ preferences, including location,  services offered, costs, and ratings and reviews. 
  • Intended parents learn about unique features of the provider as well as virtually meet executive staff and case managers via short videos if the provider wishes to include them in their profile.
  • Our comparison tool facilitates a side-by-side view of each provider’s offerings.
  • We enable booking appointments: 
    • Customers can book an appointment directly with their choice of surrogacy agency, automatically adding it to both the intended parent’s and the provider’s calendars. 
    • For egg donor agency; when a client is interested in one of their egg donors, we alert the provider and provide the client’s contact information – allowing them to contact the lead directly.

How do I join GoStork? 

If you are an IVF clinic, surrogacy agency, egg donor agency, or any other fertility provider (fertility lawyer, therapist, etc) and are interested in partnering with us, please email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!