10 Weeks, 50+ Providers, Nearly 400 Intended Parents… and Learning Quickly!

Eran Amir

CEO and Founder of GoStork

GoStork is a first-of-its-kind marketplace created to help intended parents make much more informed decisions – with much less stress involved – as they begin their journey to parenthood.  I founded GoStork to bring structured information, convenience, and unprecedented transparency to a confusing and overwhelming landscape, aka what I wished I had when I began my own surrogacy process.

As such, everything built into our platform is both highly intentional and far from static. We are a disruptive new solution, with a small but endlessly dedicated team — so while we are not perfect, we are nimble. We continuously learn, iterate, and optimize – and we do so by staying really close to both our partner providers and the intended parents using our website.

I’ve heard from many intended parents I’ve spoken with recently that they experienced many or all of the same difficulties I did …  until GoStork.  Providers as well are excited for both the change we bring and the partnership we offer.  We’re so incredibly grateful to everyone for the warm welcome to the fertility industry and for sharing their thoughts about us in our first weeks since launch.  Here’s what just a few of you had to say:


providers testimonials


We’re thrilled about the nearly 400 intended parents already using our platform (with more joining every day) after only a handful of weeks live!  We appreciate every single one of you and are both humbled and honored to be a part of our journey.

IP testimonial

So, a big ‘thank you!’ to all of you who gave us both positive and helpful feedback.  And on that last note, we’re also happy to share updates we’ve already made since our launch, to even further improve the experience we provide to current, and future, intended parents.

Here are just a few of the changes we’ve already made – the first couple based directly on feedback we’ve received:

  • We built a new surrogacy related questionnaire to hone in on one’s surrogacy agency preferences – enabling more advanced filtering of initial results
  • We further streamlined our egg donor profiles so all important information about each donor is even easier to find all in one simplified page without tabs — except for the costs, which are clearly separated and broken out for complete transparency
  • We launched both a new Resources area or our site, as well as a blog, with lots of helpful content to support, inform and inspire those just beginning their research
  • We added many many more egg donors and surrogacy agencies to choose from



3 screenshots of the platform


And there’s more coming soon – in addition to the launch of our IVF Clinic marketplace in the Fall. So stay tuned and check back here in our blog (another recent addition to our site!) for exciting updates in the weeks and months to come.