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The phrase “embryo testing” is most commonly used to describe Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). PGT is the process by which 5-8 cells from the embryo, from the point at which it ... Read more
We were honored to host Samantha Lavy and Jennifer Strom in our Instagram Live. Samantha and Jennifer are Marriage and Family Therapists and owners of JSRC Group. They have 20 years of pe... Read more
We loved hosting the amazing Erin Bulcao, infertility advocate, mom, and founder of the supportive blog as well as honest and inspiring Instagram community My Beautiful Blunder. Erin was ... Read more
Egg Donation
Egg donation can provide the missing link for those struggling to conceive, who want to avoid passing down a genetic disease, or for singles and gay couples who know they cannot conceive ... Read more
Surrogacy is a beautiful, yet complicated process with plenty of administrative, medical, and legal terms. As an intended parent or prospective gestational carrier, it’s easy to get ove... Read more
Marilyn Gomez is the Founder of the stylish and symbolic apparel company Infertile Tees and a proud mother who experienced a ten-year struggle with infertility. We loved having Marilyn on... Read more
Despite how much discussion there has been on surrogacy, there remain many misconceptions about the process. Kandi Buress, a celebrity who worked with a surrogate, said some accused her o... Read more
Egg Donation
Choosing an egg donor is a personal decision you make as an Intended Parent. Some Intended Parents choose to seek the services of an egg donor agency. In this case, you are presented with... Read more
Egg freezing is an option that allows you to delay parenthood if you’re not ready to start a family just yet. Through this method, the eggs are extracted from the ovaries and cryopreser... Read more