GoStork Interview Series: Lessons Along the Journey to Fatherhood with @nycgaydad José Rolón

Rebecca Hochreiter

CMO of GoStork

We love watching snippets of José’s family life in his super creative videos on Instagram and TikTok, so we were thrilled to have him join us on Instagram Live!

José is a dad through egg donation and surrogacy to 7-year-old Avery and 6-year-old twins, Lilah and London. He’s co-host of ITK’s Parenting Wins, a viral TikTok sensation with hilariously endearing videos with his kids in quarantine, and an amazing father, solo parenting in New York City with some help from his equally amazing “chosen family”.

The story of his journey to fatherhood is heartwarming, funny, and emotional – at times also heartbreaking. He tells it with candour and an infectious positivity, including a hilarious demonstration of a Walmart run with their gestational carrier in labor.

He shares why he and husband Tim decided to work with a full-service agency for their journey, and how helpful it was to have a genuine team of people around, including lawyers who could help them through the fine print of building a family as two gay men.

José also speaks about the great relationship they had with their gestational carrier and her family, and how “her enthusiasm for being pregnant was what sold us”. And, if you’re wondering what you can gift your gestational carrier, José has the perfect idea!

Check out the full chat with José for the lessons he learned along the journey to fatherhood including helpful insight for others with a similar path ahead:

“The gestational carrier’s enthusiasm for being pregnant was what sold us… We loved her husband and her kids were great too.”
José Rolón

Follow Jose on Instagram @nycgaydad for more adorable videos! You can also look out for him on Ellen’s Game of Games!