We’ve grown. We’ve listened. We have exciting updates!

Eran Amir

CEO and Founder of GoStork

As always, we like to use our new blog space to provide helpful content, to spotlight people who inspire us, and to share exciting news!  This post is the latter.

To jump right in – the first piece of exciting news: 

Last week we added 500 new egg donors into the GoStork egg donor database.  As the largest online database in the world – with nearly 6,000 total egg donors from over 20 different egg donor agencies –  we’re thrilled to keep growing and offering intended parents more choice in their search for their best match.

On that note – as always, we’re listening to intended parent’s feedback and consistently making improvements.  We now have over 500 intended parents registered on GoStork (and growing quickly!) and we’re so incredibly grateful to those who are not only using our platform but also telling us what they think. As we value transparency in all ways, here are a couple of responses to feedback we received from you:

1. A few of you have asked if we’re an egg donor agency. 

We are not!  But we can completely understand the confusion as what we’re offering is so new and different than anything out there. What we are is the first platform where you can find egg donors from many different egg donor agencies all in one location, compare your options side-by-side and connect directly with the agencies of the egg donors you’re interested in.

Here are just a few ways (of many!) that you can filter our egg donor database:

  • Education is really important to you and you’re looking for egg donors with a postgraduate degree
  • You’d like your egg donor to be of the same race or religion as you
  • You already have an IVF clinic and are looking for egg donors who live nearby to save money on their travel expenses
  • You preferences related to appearance, such as height, hair, or eye color

If you have all of these criteria (and even several more) – before GoStork, it would have been hard to find enough results with any one agency. Now with such a large combined database to choose from, we’ll have options for you.

2. Some of you asked for videos.

We now have videos! Many egg donors on our platform created videos to help you get a better sense of them personally – and you can even filter to show results of only those with videos. Hovering will auto start the video and you simply click to un-mute.


Images for these purposes are representative of egg donors, not actual egg donors.


3. You have feedback and we want to hear it.

As mentioned, we love feedback.  To make sure we give you more ways to reach us, we’ve added live chat to our website.  As the Founder and CEO, I will be answering all of your chats. I love hearing from you and connecting directly with more of you every day.  On that note, I also offer up my calendar to connect!  If you’re an intended parent who would like to talk about the experience of using GoStork, would like to let me know what you’re looking for if we don’t provide it yet, etc. or if you’re a fertility provider who would like to talk about joining our platform, simply book yourself with me here.

If you haven’t seen all of our egg donors on the platform yet, check it out here.  Aside from that, I hope you’ll stay tuned here on our blog for more new developments, interesting features, advice from experts, personal stories from advocates and more to come!